We believe financial giving is an important part and privilege of Christianity. We encourage our our members to give money, time, and assets to organizations and opportunities consistent with Christian goals.



We accept tithes and other donations through PayPal - just click the Donate button below. You can also tithe in our donation box on Sundays.

We believe it's important for Christians to be part of a church body, and encourage church membership.



Becoming a member of Salina Street Church is done according to the following process:

1. Declaration of desire to be a member of Salina Street Church

Potential members must express interest in membership to the pastors of Salina Street Church (or their designees).

2. Validation that potential member meets requirements for membership

Salina Street Church membership is restricted per our constitution to "those recognized by the pastors of Salina Street Church, who have accepted Jesus Christ as their Savior being born again, manifesting the fruits of the Spirit in their lives, and are in agreement with the doctrine and polity of this church." (from Constitution, article IV). Additional requirements may be maintained by the pastors of Salina Street Church (ibid).  
Pastors will meet with potential members to ensure they're aware of the guiding beliefs and philosophies of Salina Street Church, including basic goals, practices (including church discipline), and theologies.

3. Recognition of membership by the elders of Salina Street Church

Applicants approved by the pastors are approved as members of Salina Street Church, and are expected to maintain a standard of ethics consistent with the teaching of the pastors (per their interpretation of Biblical teaching on Christian living).


Membership may be revoked at the request of the member or at the behest of the pastors. Causes for revocation of membership might include an inability or unwillingness to adhere to standards of Christian ethics (per discretion of the elders), infrequent attendance, or relocation to another church family.



Contact our pastors to talk about becoming a member!